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Crime Investigation and Management

Duración del curso:

Para quién es el curso:

15 days

Police officers who are involved in crime investigations.


Sobre el curso

We have a wealth of experience supporting policing organisations around the world in training police officers in Crime Investigation and Management. Our qualified trainers are serving police officers and bring years of police detective experience in crime investigation.

We invest in your officers and equip them with the skills to effectively manage a criminal investigation maximising evidence from the crime scene to court proceedings.

Our course leads the participant through a full investigation from discovery of the crime scene, managing the various options open to an investigation officer, investigative interviewing, report writing and much more.

The course is flexible and draws on proven methodologies and techniques but can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation following consultation.

This course combines theory with lots of hands on practical exercises which involves participants actively taking part in the investigation of a serious crime, apprehension and subsequent interviewing and presentation of the suspect to court for trial.

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